Fix Your Mistakes, And Move On!

Mon, Dec 12, 2011 --

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When someone criticizes your work in office, it can be difficult to handle. But remember, getting constructive criticism is the only way that you can improve in your position. Plus, it is better to see criticism in office than to see a letter of denial in your name.

Try these tips to right your wrongs, keep your reaction under control, and learn from the exchange when this happens in the office next time:

  • Don’t argue your case. If your boss feels a certain way about a project, you are unlikely to convince him otherwise. Attempting to do so will compromise your professionalism.
  • Keep emotions in check. Getting teary or angry suggests that you can’t cope with confrontation and affects how others view your ability to handle stress.
  • Ask for specifics about what went awry in your supervisor’s opinion. Ask him to walk you through the way he’d like to see the project handled next time.
  • Don’t bad-mouth the criticizer for his opinion. It could easily get back to him and ruin your working relationship. Don’t take the chance.
  • Don’t make excuses. Blaming others and offering flimsy excuses are signs of weakness and could diminish your boss’s respect for you.
  • Fix the problem immediately. Righting the issue is more effective in rebuilding your boss’s trust in you than explaining why it went wrong.
  • Move past it. Everyone makes mistakes, so don’t beat yourself up about errors after you have done everything possible to correct them. Forgive yourself and move on.


Barnali is a medical coding and billing writer at TCI who has worked in the healthcare industry since 2009. She holds a master’s degree in English literature and a diploma in advertising and marketing. She enjoys writing about ICD-10 and Medicare compliance.

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