Report This C-Section Scenario With ICD-10

Wed, May 18, 2011 --


Question: My ob-gyn practice is experimenting with how we’ll reporting claims in the future using ICD-10. Suppose a 30 year old female patient is in the 36th week of prègnancy and presents to the emergency roóm with a hemorrhage due to placenta previa. The ob-gyn performs a c-section with a live birth. How would we report this using ICD-10?

You should report O44.13 (Placenta previa with hemorrhage, third trimester) and Z37.0 (Single live birth). Notice how that first codé features the letter “O” and not the number “0.” You would link these codés to 59514 (Cesarean delivery only).

If you’re on the facility side, you would report 10D00Z0 (Extraction of products of conception, classìcàl, open approach). Currently, you would use ICD-9 codés 641.11 (Hemorrhage from placenta previa with delivery) and V27.0 (Outcome of delivery; single liveborn). You would link these to 59514. If you’re on the facility side, you would report 74.99 (Other cesarean section of unspecified type).


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