Use This Sample Letter for Chronic No-Show Patients

Wed, Jun 29, 2011 --

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 No-shows mean money down the drain for your practice, and chronic no-shows cost you big bucks. When no-shows become a problem, you need to communicate to the patient that she needs to shape up or ship out.

Here is one sample ‘no-show’ letter provided by Anne M. Renke, RN, PhD, risk manager at Ophthalmic Mutual Insurance Company (OMIC) in San Francisco, that should be sent certified mail-return receipt requested.


 Dear (Patient):

 You have canceled your follow-up appointment on (date) without rescheduling. We have tried multiple times to reschedule your missed appointment. To date, you have not responded to our efforts. It is our understanding that you may have terminated your care with our office.

 Continued care is essential to your health. You have a condition which may worsen without proper care. (If the patient has a condition that requires specific care, state the care and the consequences of no care in clear, patient friendly language. If the patient has a condition that needs regular follow-up, state the frequency and urgency of the follow-up, and state the consequences of not getting the follow-up at the recommended time.)

Please understand that this letter is not meant to alarm you. We only wish to inform you of the seriousness of your condition, as it was also explained during office visits, and encourage you to seek proper care.

 If we have not heard from you within three weeks, we will assume that you have transferred your care to another physician and have terminated your relationship with this office. We will transfer a copy of your medical records to your new physician upon receipt of a signed authorization to do so. An authorization form is enclosed for your convenience.

 With best regards,

 (Physician’s Signature and Name)

 Note: Sample letter provided by OMIC.


Barnali is a medical coding and billing writer at TCI who has worked in the healthcare industry since 2009. She holds a master’s degree in English literature and a diploma in advertising and marketing. She enjoys writing about ICD-10 and Medicare compliance.

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