Happy Boss’s Day – Time To Convince Your Boss for CodingCon 2015 Benefits That Will Save Your Practice Money

Convince Your Boss for CodingCon 2015

Happy Boss’s Day! Yes, in case you missed it, Friday, October 16, is Boss’s Day in the United States, that holiday honoring the person who mentored you, trained you, and led you to the career success you enjoy today. So right after you deposit your thoughtful Boss’s Day card and that plate of fresh-baked (by you or the local bakery) brownies on her desk, give her your heartfelt thanks. And then start your CodingCon campaign to convince your boss by presenting a list of reasons she should send you to Orlando this December.

Don’t Miss the Hot Spot for Coding Capability

CodingCon meets in Orlando in early December, the week after Thanksgiving. The conference, held at Orlando’s Caribe Royale hotel just a several-minute shuttle ride from Walt Disney World, not to mention fabulous shopping sites, starts on Wednesday, December 2, with a preconference and runs through Friday, December 4, including the postconference. You can even get discounted Disney tickets at the hotel — but maybe you should keep the part about the shuttle, the shopping, and the Mouse tickets to yourself. As far as your boss is concerned, you’ll be too busy soaking up coding knowledge to leave the hotel!

Try These Top 5 Reasons You Should Be At CodingCon!

1. Increase revenue and save money!

You’ll learn how to improve cash flow by decreasing denials and resubmissions. This translates to less staff time spent on claims reworking — saving money. You’ll also discover how to lower claims processing fees. Best of all, you’ll find out how to reduce your accounts receivable (AR) days — all of these things working together to increase revenue.

2. Gain Up to the Minute Knowledge

It’s been a momentous year in the coding world, with many changes to coding and reimbursement rules, and you need to stay as current as you can. At CodingCon, not only will you earn continuing education units, you’ll also get to gather an entire year’s worth of CEUs to maintain your AAPC certification, all in one event.

3. Remember What You Learn

CodingCon’s educational opportunities are uniquely designed for interactive learning, which means you’re more likely to retain all the knowledge you gain. With do-it-yourself practice scenarios, group activities, and teaching opportunities, CodingCon participants return home ready to apply the advice, tips, and real-world scenarios they learn.

4. ICD-10!

Need we say more? Okay, we will. By the time CodingCon comes around, we’ll be two months into the world of ICD-10. You’ll be ready to hear updates on how things are going and what you might need to change in your practice to better meet the challenges of the new coding system. You’ll learn how to improve clinical documentation as well as ICD-10 reporting accuracy, because your instructors come armed with information that can combat problems and focus your audit reviews. Attendees can choose the ICD-10 track, or you can count on hearing about ICD-10 in the specialty track of your choice, with top expert speakers like Melanie Witt, RN, CPC, COBGC, MA, for OB-GYN and Michael A. Ferragamo Jr., MD, FACS, for urology. You can even learn more about ICD-10 in a physical way, attending foam rolling and yoga-like training sessions tied to ICD-10 training.

5. Network With Top Decision Makers

When you attend CodingCon, you’ll be sitting with office managers and administrators, physicians and nonphysician practitioners, and compliance and education officers. You’ll learn a lot from talking to your fellow attendees, and the synergy from their interests and knowledge will augment your own.

Share the Fun — Bring Your Boss Along!

Hey, wait — it is Boss’s Day after all. Why should you have all the fun? Your boss will benefit from attending CodingCon, too! The old saying “the more the merrier” is true in this case — the more team members who attend CodingCon, the greater will be your organization’s return on investment. And you can bond with your boss at the Disney Holiday Parade, too.

Register to Win!

Hey, maybe you’ll even win a free registration—we’re drawing a free registration each week. Register to win now!

Still Need Help Convincing Your Boss?

We are so certain that attending CodingCon is a win-win that we’ll convince your boss ourselves with a personal phone call. Just click the Sign Up button at the bottom of this linked page; let us take care of the rest.


Susan taught health information and healthcare documentation at the community college level for more than 20 years. She has a special love for medical language and terminology. She is passionate about ensuring accurate patient healthcare documentation through education. She has a master's degree in healthcare administration, is a certified healthcare documentation specialist, and serves as immediate past president for the Association for Healthcare Documentation Integrity (AHDI).

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