To Show Our Appreciation at Thanksgiving … An Ode to Finding a Code

Mon, Nov 19, 2018 --

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Thanksgiving is almost here, making it a great time to express how much we appreciate all the hard work you do. Ensuring claims are accurate, no matter how complicated or never-ending they are, is no easy task! The TCI SuperCoder team is proud and grateful to be able to support your efforts by finding ways to take frustrations out of your day.

Below is a lighthearted poem I wrote from the coder’s point of view to share our appreciation for those in the business of healthcare. (If you prefer quizzes to poems, check out our Thanksgiving ICD-10-CM personality quiz, too!)

An Ode to Finding a Code

Another day begins,
Let’s claim a few more wins.

Haven’t seen this service before.
Research once and then once more.

Better check for an LCD.
Ooh – a new policy!

Coverage rules and ICD-10 match.
Yay for me, what a good catch!

There’s a required indication.
Have to find it for the patient.

Hmm. Unclear documentation of that.
Time for a friendly CDI chat.

Now I’ve got the records I need.
Check out my awesome CPT® speed.

Modifiers, MUEs, MPFS.
Are there CCI edits? Yes!

Every element in its proper place,
Time to move on to the next tough case.

No one can analyze charts faster.
I am the coding puzzle master!

Have Your Say …

Share your own poem or thoughts on what makes coding and healthcare an interesting and rewarding career that you’re grateful for on this holiday. And from all of us at TCI SuperCoder to all of you, have a lovely Thanksgiving!


Deborah works on a wide range of TCI SuperCoder projects, researching and writing about coding, as well as assisting with data updates and tool development for our online coding solutions. Since joining TCI in 2004, she’s covered the ins and outs of coding for radiology, cardiology, oncology and hematology, orthopedics, audiology, and more.


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