Get the Big Picture With CPT® 2018 Radiology Deletions and Revisions

CPT 2018 changes to chest X-ray codes

We’ve already talked about new CPT® 2018 codes in an overview (Part 1 and Part 2) and a more specific path/lab post. Now let’s start digging in a little more. Today we’ll look at some of the radiology chapter revisions and deletions related to code additions in CPT® 2018, which is effective on Jan. 1, 2018.

Learn a New Way to Code Chest X-Rays

If you use fluoroscopy code 76000, then you’re familiar with its restriction at the end: “other than 71023 or 71034 (eg, cardiac fluoroscopy).”

In CPT® 2018, that phrase will be deleted from 76000.

Why? Codes 71023 (frontal and lateral chest X-ray with fluoro) and 71034 (complete chest X-ray with fluoro) will be deleted in 2018.

Tip: The deletion of 71023 and 71034 is part of a bigger overhaul of the chest X-ray codes with 71010-71035 getting deleted in 2018. In their place, you’ll have codes with simpler descriptors based on the number of views:

  • 71045 (Radiologic examination, chest; single view)
  • 71046 (… 2 views)
  • 71047 (… 3 views)
  • 71048 (… 4 or more views).

Move to Views for Abdomen X-Rays, Too

While we’re on the topic of X-rays, don’t miss that abdomen X-ray codes are getting a makeover, too. CPT® 2018 will delete current codes 74000, 74010, and 74020, which specify types of views.

In 2018, you’ll use these codes that, like the chest X-rays, are based on number of views:

  • 74018 (Radiologic examination, abdomen; 1 view)
  • 74019 (… 2 views)
  • 74021 (… 3 or more views).

Reroute Retrograde Brachial Coding

If you’ve ever thought 75658 (brachial retrograde angiography S&I) and 36120 (retrograde brachial needle/cath intro) seemed a little unnecessary because of other codes available, CPT® 2018 agrees. Those two codes will be deleted.

But the deletion will be felt elsewhere. Code 36140 will see a clarifying descriptor update:

  • 36140 2017: Introduction of needle or intracatheter; extremity artery
  • 36140 2018: Introduction of needle or intracatheter, upper or lower extremity artery.

Add EVAR to the All-Inclusive Code List

Endovascular repair S&I codes 75952-75954 will be deleted, and they’re in good company. As part of the big update to endovascular repair of abdominal aortic aneurysms (EVAR), CPT® 2018 is deleting EVAR 34xxx codes, 93982 (pressure sensor study), and 0255T (iliac bifurcation repair).

Replacement codes 34701-34712 take the all-in-one approach with “all associated radiological supervision and interpretation” included along with the procedure.

How About You?

Chest X-rays aren’t exactly uncommon. How long will it take you to relearn the codes? Do you see any changes you like or don’t like?


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