Step-by-Step Guide to Checking National Correct Coding Initiative Edits on SuperCoder

Tue, Jun 6, 2017 --


CCI Edits Checker is one of the tools SuperCoder subscribers use the most, so here’s a quick instructional guide to help users make the most of this resource, including the color-coded results and RVU options.
Note: This guide is specific to the CCI Edits Checker for Medicare PTP practitioner edits, but Outpatient Facility Coder subscribers will find that using our OPPS CCI Checker doesn’t vary too much from what you’ll find here.

Step 1: Access CCI Edits Checker

Once you’re logged into an account that includes tools, you can access CCI Edits Checker in several different ways. Start on the Coding Tools page, then choose the path that suits your needs.

1. Coding Tools page: Scroll down the page until you see the CCI Edits Checker widget.

2. Claims Edits page: Click Claims Edits in the top menu. A page with only Claims Edits widgets will open.

3. Dedicated page: Click Claims Edits/CCI Edits Checker in the left-side menu. This will open a new page titled National Correct Coding Initiative (NCCI or CCI) Edits. (Just for fun, which do you say? Medicare NCCI edits or CCI edits?)

Tip: On a code’s details or range page, choose the CCI Edits tab to see if the code is in the Column 1 position in any CCI edit pairs

Step 2: Choose Entry Method

CCI Edits Checker checks up to 25 codes at once. You can choose to enter codes in individual boxes (enter five characters and the cursor jumps automatically to the next box) or in a single box with the codes separated by commas. Click Make It Default, and you won’t have to repeat this step unless you want to change your preference.

Step 3: Choose Version/Date

The Version/Date box is set to the current CCI version based on date of service, but you can check any version going back to 2011.

Step 4: Choose Geographic Locality

Checker results include RVUs and fees for your codes. Select the applicable geographic location to see information specific to that area. Click Make It Default to check that area each time.

Step 5: Choose Setting

Select Non-Facility or Facility to see MPFS RVU/fee information for that setting. Again, you have the option of clicking Make It Default.

Step 6: Enter Codes

Pop in your codes, and click CCI Check.

Step 7: Review Results

The CCI Edits Checker lists your codes in simple descending RVU order based on MPFS data. Next to each code, you’ll see the descriptor and a color-coded alert identifying whether the code is in the Column 2 position in an edit with any of your other codes. Green means you’re in the clear, yellow means there’s an edit with modifier indicator 1 (so you can override with a modifier when appropriate), and red means there’s an edit with modifier indicator 0 (so overriding is never an option). You also get the rule behind the CCI edit.

Under the edit warning, you’ll find the code’s lay term and, depending on your subscription, links to articles. Check the right-side column for RVUs and fees.

Any Questions?

You get other goodies with CCI Edits Checker, too, like the option to download your results and easy access to the Medicare NCCI Policy Manual for NCCI guidelines. What else would you like to know?


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