ICD-10 Quick Quiz: What’s Your Thanksgiving Style?

Tue, Nov 15, 2016 --


ICD-10 Thanksgiving quiz

We’ve still got a little more than a week until Thanksgiving (although I had to double check after seeing my neighbor’s inflatable Santa village go up a couple of weeks ago). Here’s a just-for-fun ICD-10 quiz to predict how your Thanksgiving will go.

1. The day before Thanksgiving, you’re most likely to be:

A. Cleaning so much you risk T55.0X1A (Toxic effect of soaps, accidental [unintentional], initial encounter)

B. Doing your best to stir up Z63.1 (Problems in relationship with in-laws)

C. Coding so fast you just might get an injury from Y93.C1 (Activity, computer keyboarding)

2. In the kitchen on Thanksgiving, you’re most likely to have:

A. G56.03 (Carpal tunnel syndrome, bilateral upper limbs) from mashing potatoes following weeks of trying to find the best recipe

B. M54.2 (Cervicalgia) and H53.143 (Visual discomfort, bilateral) from craning your neck to keep an eye on the TV while you sneak tasty tidbits that someone else cooked

C. W26.2 (Contact with edge of stiff paper) when checking take-out menus during a coding work break results in a paper cut

3. During Thanksgiving dinner, you’re most likely to experience:

A. W18.2XXA (Fall in [into] shower or empty bathtub, initial encounter) when you’re rushing to get yourself cleaned up from all the cooking while everyone else sits down to eat

B. W27.4XXA (Contact with kitchen utensil, initial encounter) when your sister stabs you with a fork to keep you from stealing her stuffing

C. Y92.511 (Restaurant or café as the place of occurrence of the external cause) when your coding work-break take-out plans don’t pan out

4. After dinner, you’re most likely to qualify for:

A. T73.3XXA (Exhaustion due to excessive exertion, initial encounter) from handling everything from planning to clean up

B. R14.2 (Eructation) as you burp your compliments to the chef

C. W59.22XA (Struck by turtle, initial encounter) while out for a walk after a long day of coding

What’s Your Score?

If you answered mostly A: Thanks for all the work you do to make the holiday special. Here’s hoping you can delegate some tasks this year and get to enjoy Thanksgiving.

If you answered mostly B: Thanks for making things interesting and giving everyone else good fodder for stories. If your answer to number 3 was B, you may want to consider whether that stuffing is really worth a fork in the arm, though.

If you answered mostly C: Thanks for keeping the wheels of healthcare turning. Working on holidays is tough, so your willingness to step up is appreciated! Someone has to be ready to send in claims for T23.129A (Burn of first degree of unspecified single finger [nail] except thumb, initial encounter) when cooks catch their oven mitts on fire. (Not that I’ve ever managed to do that myself. Several times.)

How About You?

What ICD-10-CM code best sums up how you expect your Thanksgiving to go?





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